Bachelor of Music

The Bachelor of Music is a professional degree and carries full teaching certification in vocal and instrumental music, and music in general.

Degrees and Programs Offered  

Bachelor of Music Major in Music Education

The Bachelor of Music in music education prepares students to be the music educators of today and tomorrow. Applying musical content and pedagogical practices that are innovative, contemporary, and relevant, Music Education students gain the music literary, pedagogical and technological skills that enable them to excel as educators to help their students achieve their full musical potential. Students in this program develop skills, concepts, and methodologies in music theory, composition, general musicianship, music history, arranging, orchestrating, improvising, conducting, and music performance. The latter includes a focus on solo performance techniques acquired through instrumental and vocal study, pedagogy, and literature related to solo and ensemble performance.  The relationship of music to other disciplines of study is also examined.

Bachelor of Music Major in Voice

The Bachelor of Music Major in Voice (BM-Voice) provides a strong foundation in the art of music in the past and present. The program prepares students to become professional performers that are equipped with a deep understanding and awareness of the country’s ethnic and cultural resources.

Bachelor of Music Major in Piano

The Piano program is one of the pillars of the College of Music, designed to provide a world-class musical learning environment to the student. It is constantly evolving to meet the needs of both society and the musical world, in order to help realize the potential of each student.

Bachelor of Music Major in Choral Conducting

The Choral Conducting Program is designed to equip the students with necessary skills to become world class leaders of choir ensembles. It is dedicated to nurturing and enhancing the student’s creativity as artist and church musicians.

Music Preparatory and Extended Studies (MPES)

This is a non-degree program for those wishing to take individual lessons in an instrument of choice (see below).  This may also serve as a preparatory course for those wishing to enroll in the College of Music.  The MPES course consists of 10 sessions/lessons to complete by the student and teacher.  Although many opt to enroll in these courses during the summer semester, enrollment is continuously open and students may enroll for this program at any time.  Those who complete the course will have the opportunity to perform in a recital.

MPES Courses offered: 

  1. Individual instruction in the following instruments: piano, organ (by audition only), voice, violin, viola, cello, trumpet, flute, clarinet, trombone saxophone, French horn, guitar, and bandurria
  2. Music Theory and Solfeggio – An intensive study of the fundamentals of music, basic concepts, and standard nomenclature. This is highly recommended for aspiring musicians who have not had any formal training or exposure to classical music.  Solfeggio introduces the student to the sight – singing of melodies and serves to enhance, musical awareness, perception, and note reading.

Career Paths and Options 

A career in music is very difficult but incredibly rewarding if you are passionate about your art, your ability as a performer, composer, or instructor, and about your audience.  It also helps to build connections and be savvy about the business.  Choose wisely and start building the career of your dreams today! The following are some of the career possibilities on which to start:

  • Instrumental/Vocal Ensemble Member
  • (Professional Orchestras, Chamber Ensemble, Musical Theaters)
  • Music Educator (K-12)
  • Church Organist/Pianist
  • Higher Education Instructor (Professor – Associate or Full-time)
  • Musical Director
  • Radio DJ
  • Classical/Opera Singer
  • Concert Pianist
  • House Mixer/Engineer
  • Performance/Concert Music Composer
  • Film Composer
  • Film Conductor
  • Video Game Composer
  • Sound/Acoustic Engineer (developing facilities such as concert halls, or musical equipment such as headphones, etc.)
  • Foley Artist
  • Commercial Composer
  • Music Journalist/Critic
  • Professional Accompanist
  • Vocal/Piano Pedagogue
  • Music App Consultant
  • Freelance Performer (solo musician, wedding receptions, etc.)
  • Musical Director
  • Musical Theatre Artist
  • Professional Arranger/Orchestrator
  • Sales (Musical Instruments)
  • Arts Administration (from clerical to events planning)
  • Studio Engineer (Audio)
  • Musicologist (Professor, Lecture, Researcher)
  • Piano Tuner
  • Private Music Teacher
  • Music Studio (non-private) Teacher
  • Songwriter
  • Transcriber
  • Copyist