NEU-CBA is a globally recognized Center of Excellence in business, research, innovation, and community service.


Produce God-fearing entrepreneurs and professionals equipped with strong business skills and exposure.

Goals and Objectives

  1. Inculcate among the students the Christian culture of excellence, discipline, and service to humanity.

  1. Provide quality business-laden and well-rounded education through appropriate instructional methods and resources and offer curricula responsive to business trends and community needs.

  1. Develop students to be compassionate servant leaders and professionals who are concerned for the upliftment of life in society.

  1. Develop leaders and managers who are highly competent, innovative, technologically savvy, service-oriented, and spiritually mature.

  1. Provide intensive local and international internship and exchange programs.

  1. Strengthen alliance with industry partners for on-the-job training and job placement.

  1. Conduct research and extension services geared toward community development.

Department Outcomes

Aside from being aligned to the University VMGO, the CBA also adapts the Outcomes-Based Education (OBE) framework of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

Anchored on Christian values, the CBA provides the means and opportunities for its students to:

  1. Make sound business decisions through in-depth understanding and practical applications of theories and concepts in their chosen fields or professions.

  2. Research and conceptualize comprehensive solutions and provide quality products and services that the general public and specialized industries need.

  3. Articulate and discuss research findings and formulate wider organizational and community solutions.

  4. Collaborate with stakeholders objectively and without compromising God-centeredness, along with the values of integrity and equity.

Graduate Attributes

An ideal CBA graduate possesses the following attributes:

  1. God-centeredness

  2. Servant leadership

  3. Critical-thinking and creativity

  4. Strong research skills

  5. Effective communication skills

  6. Collaborative

  7. Openness to ideas

  8. Civic mindedness

  9. Technologically adept

Student Outcomes

A CBA graduate is an individual who:

  1. Lives a life and exhibits a character that is God-centered.

  2. Serves with humility bearing in mind the welfare of the stakeholders.

  3. Demonstrates competence in effectively managing and solving business problems through critical and creative thinking.

  4. Conducts and prepares feasibility studies and business researches.

  5. Communicates relevant information effectively and professionally, whether orally or in writing.

  6. Contributes solutions to national development goals by initiating projects and programs that will benefit the society.

  7. Learns continuously to improve understanding of the different industries for professional development.

  8. Demonstrates service-oriented and civic-minded leadership and conducts business in an ethical and socially responsible manner with a highly respectable degree of integrity in a diverse global environment.

  9. Uses current and latest information technology tools necessary for evolving business administration practices.